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Agnes Lloyd-Platt: Ally Capellino SS15 Lookbook

Finding this set of images by fashion photographer Agnes Lloyd-Platt’s new lookbook for Ally Capellino’s SS15 campaign links so well with my project and the thought of co-ordinating your hair with you outfit should be a must at all times. This makes me want to do a bathroom dye job to get some pastel locks. She paired models with candy-colour hair in all the best shades – soft pink, peach, silver grey, and mint green.

Tucking the pastel hair into knitted jumpers of jersey tops then adding accessoires is such a simple idea but with a beautiful results. If your not hooked by these images, head over to her instagram (@agnesvita) I’m well and truly become a fan just by her great use of colour!


C. x




Pastel Strands / Progress

It’s getting to that time of year where I have 4 days left before I break up for Easter and we are putting together images for the Heriot-Watt brochure for the Degree Show which will be on the 4th-10th of June. It’s very scary. The images featured above our the four images I have chosen to be selected for the brochure as these really represent my project and the ideas I have explored.

With being awarded The Worshipful Company of Framework Knitters Bursary this has meant I was able to buy yarns in my exact colour palette and work with yarns such as cashmere, cashwool/merino, silk and lambswool. I believe this has really helped the end result of my fabrics with working in such great quality yarns from Todd & Duncan and Z. Hinchliffe. I was also donated cashwool from Johnstons of Elgin in Hawick.

During the Easter break I will begin the final stages of this project, one of these stages is to produce a brochure or magazine showing all my final project, I hope to share this with you when it’s done!

C. x

Pastel Strands / Fabric Ideas

Two weeks of university left before Easter holidays so this means not long left to finish my collection of fabrics, I thought I’d share with you my ideas and where I’m currently at. Because the starting point for this project was so broad it means I want a range of fabrics showing each element of the project inspiration. This means having different weights, techniques, colours. These will develop a lot further over the next two weeks because I keep becoming inspired by how a technique works or how the colours are working together which is making me develop my ideas them. At this stage I am reviewing what I really want in the collection and how I see them as a collection which will begin to inform what fabrics go to finals. I’ll share my finished fabrics with you in a few weeks time!

C. x

Key Images

Photo 24-01-2015 20 22 07  Photo 24-01-2015 20 20 43Untitled-1Pixel 4DP 16

Taking my own photographs of a Lush Bath Bomb and developing and manipulating these has been great inspiration to my colour and knit ideas. Working from mainly my own inspirational images I hope to develop knitted fabric from these, experimenting with texture and colour.


C. x

Pastel Strands Project Through Instagram

Pastel Strands

Photo 23-02-2015 09 39 55 Photo 23-02-2015 13 27 17 Photo 24-02-2015 19 31 00 Photo 24-02-2015 19 31 06 Photo 24-02-2015 19 31 12 Photo 24-02-2015 19 31 17 Photo 24-02-2015 19 31 21 Photo 24-02-2015 19 31 25 Photo 24-02-2015 19 32 02 Photo 24-02-2015 19 32 11 Photo 24-02-2015 19 32 16 Photo 24-02-2015 19 32 21 Photo 24-02-2015 19 32 29 Photo 24-02-2015 19 33 40 Photo 23-02-2015 17 02 05 Photo 23-02-2015 17 02 28

The starting point for this project came from the German multimedia artist Katja Windau, from the wall installation Die Zelle des Piet M (“The Cell of Piet M.”) Following the project, she took detailed photos, which she abstracted, mirrored and partially re-coloured on the computer. It was these pieces that really caught my attention.

From this original starting point I began to build up the theme, using these pieces by Katja as the base for the colour palette I began to expand the imagery.

As well as being inspired by Katja Windau’s work, I came across the German fine-art photographer, Wolfgang Tillmans. I was drawn to his work by the colour and abstract lines. Tillmans has applied his undisputed technical skills and mastery of colour toward a new interest in abstraction: the loose, improvisational mode that characterized his magazine work, now harnessed to a larger ambition, has also resulted in a deeper emotional impact that suffuses all of his efforts. The first piece of his work that interested me was Starstruck #3 which is an abstract photograph composed of thin, jittery back lines across a pink colour field.

From this research the theme began to build into a trend for Autumn/Winter 2016, for the womenswear fashion market.

A sugar pop palette but with harsh dark elements from the abstract imagery. There’s a mixer of different marks and shapes, I am gaining inspiration from for my fabric and visual exploration.

The key colours in the story are all in pastel shades mainly from looking at the imagery of pastel hair as well as the artist pieces, but looking at various different tones in the colours to give it a high-end, sophisticated feel. Adding harsh dark blacks and greys will help to break up the palette making it suitable for Autumn/Winter since this palette would normally be associated to Spring/Summer.

Taking my own photographs to abstract and pixelate has been a great source of inspiration to develop the trend from the original starting point, this has developed the trend and colour palette.

Designing for the womenswear fashion designer market. Using high quality yarns to produce high quality fashion fabrics will sit the collection at the higher end of the market. Brands such as ESK, Sportmax and Acne will be my competition, because of where I see this collection sitting in the market.

Crossing over the market to the high-end high street depending on the fibres in each knitted sample (e.g. lambswool rather then cashmere). Brands such as COS, Whistles, & Other Stories are the competition at this end in the market. At the very top end of the market brands such as Missoni, Miu Miu and Chloe are great inspiration.

The aim of the project is to explore colour, different shades and tones, working to my own trend, Pastel Strands, for Autumn/Winter 2016. Designing a collection of high quality ‘Made in Britain’ knitted samples for the designer market, which explores texture, colour and structure through a range of knitting machines. Using space dyeing, jacquard, transferring and intarsia. Space dyeing will be used to not only explore colour but also to create patterning through the dyeing process in knitted fabrics. Working with high quality fibres such as Cashmere, Merino, and Lambswool from companies such as Todd & Duncan and Z.Hinchliffe. The aim is to focus the trend and produce innovation knitted fabrics through the use of a range of techniques.

C. x

What’s Next

Project_Page_02Project_Page_03 Project_Page_04Project_Page_01Project_Page_05Project_Page_06Project_Page_07Project_Page_09Project_Page_10Project_Page_11Project_Page_12Project_Page_13Project_Page_08Project_Page_14

I start my final semester at University in January which also means starting my final project which is 12 weeks long! I’ve been working on my theme constantly adding and refining it since summer and it’s scary to think that I’ll be actually starting this project after coming up with the theme for so long. I know my ideas will change and develop as soon as I start this project but I thought for now I’d share with you my inspiration and ideas for my project, Pastel Pop.

C. x

Online Portfolio – Updated

Online Portfolio_Page_01 Online Portfolio_Page_02 Online Portfolio_Page_03 Online Portfolio_Page_05 Online Portfolio_Page_06 Online Portfolio_Page_07 Online Portfolio_Page_08 Online Portfolio_Page_09 Online Portfolio_Page_10 Online Portfolio_Page_11 Online Portfolio_Page_12 Online Portfolio_Page_13Online Portfolio_Page_15 Online Portfolio_Page_14

I’m slowly starting to update my online portfolio, focusing on my most successful work I have done while at University. Here’s the start of it and the key pages I have put together. Let me know what you think!

C. x

Space Dyed

Mood Board 2 Mood Board 4 Mood Board 3     Photo 17-11-2014 10 49 33 Photo 17-11-2014 10 49 43Photo 02-12-2014 09 52 42  Photo 24-11-2014 14 27 19 (1)10850154_10152940643971477_7967108517385192419_nPhoto 21-11-2014 12 21 41 (3)10801743_10152931216736477_7906166147877209567_n1506919_10152931216636477_1663616230571246868_n10850055_10152940643326477_4212629562251258899_n10850309_10152940643191477_5290284295170315118_n

Moving on from the last project and onto the next I decided to push forward a key element from the previous project into the innovation project. This key area was space dyeing and I felt like this was something I could develop even further.  The question for this project:

Can space dyeing create patterning through ribs knits?

By space dyeing hanks of yarn in different proportions, sections and colour variations can this create patterning in knit samples when knitted in ribs? Can the proportion of colour to undyed help control the patterning and therefore create interesting designs in the knit through just using space dyeing. As well as looking at what patterning I can achieve from space dyeing I am also looking at how different colour combinations and dyeing techniques of space dyeing can also achieve controlled uneven lines.

By controlling how I space dyed and knitting only on the 8 gauge and 12 gauge shima seiki machines in a 2×2 rib structure I managed to achieve patterning through my samples. I only used superfine wool, cashmere and merino for space dyeing so I only used high quality fibres.

Four weeks was not long enough for this project, there’s so much more I can develop and I hope to be able to do this next semester in my final project.


C. x


Light Shadows

10250108_10152887316141477_3309261495574902300_n10384039_10152887315941477_5187702565840643763_n  1907982_10152887315616477_2517912361808526905_n10376299_10152887315796477_9127619795820962739_n8980_10152951298086477_4800392384037681617_n

Semester 1 of 4th year has came to an end and I haven’t had a chance until now to share with you how my projects went. Within the first project, which was also based around my sketchbook work I had the opportunity to sample as much as possible and try different techniques and structures through my knit samples. By doing this I learned a lot and also began to realise what my strengths were and what I want to push forward into next semesters work. I used techniques such as intarsia, drop stitch and space dyed yarns in my samples and they were produced on 7 gauge V-Bed machine, standard domestic machine or a 5 gauge and 12 gauge Shima Seike industrial machine. All the fibres I used were natural fibres, mainly working in cashmere, lamora and wool.

C. x