Knitted Textile Awards 2012

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I’m completely new to wordpress and still getting the hang of it but I wanted to start one to help show my work and I thought I would start with this post… After finishing an Art Foundation Course at Newcastle College and getting into Heriot Watt University to study Design for Textiles I decided to go back to my college work and enter it into a competition called The Knitted Textile Awards. This competition came across me while in my first year at Heriot Watt and in all honesty I just thought why not as the final piece I made at college for my final major project was a hand knitted and hand dyed jumper. To my amazement I got through as a finalist in the competition and my work ended up getting shown at Alexandra Palace in London and Harrogate International Centre at the Knitting and Stitching shows. It was unbelievable having this opportunity considering all the other contestants were graduates from various different universities. It was not only great getting to meet all the contestants and hearing about their various experiences with knitwear at university but it such a good experience meeting people in the public and getting their opinion of my work.


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  1. Congratulations that’s really amazing!!!! I’m loving the pictures.


  2. wow that piece looks beautiful. nice to see something so organic, lovely.


  3. Congrats! Like the knit pieces.


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