RCA Fashion Show 2013

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Sorry for my lack of posts recently, university has been busy and I’ve just got back home and started interning straight away. I do plan on keeping this more up to date as my projects get more focused at university because I have just chosen to specialise in knitwear for next year!

I was lucky enough to get a ticket to attend the Royal College of Art fashion show, the show itself consisted of menswear, womenswear and knitwear from the graduating MA students. The RCA is a place I dream of going after my degree because the MA work is just incredible, each collection stood out and was technically at a completely different level to anything I’d seen before. I was mainly there to look at the knitwear students which consisted of sherbet shade knits in sleek and sculptured silhouettes to big but casual fuzzy knits. While watching the show although I was mainly focused on the knitwear it was clear that it was a very strong year for menswear at RCA.

My photos aren’t the clearest because I was just snapping away on my iphone but you can find all the students on RCA’s website.



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