Industry Project – Todd & Duncan

Moodboard final digial printer Sarah Barket BalticPhoto 27-02-2014 09 35 13Photo 27-02-2014 09 34 53 Photo 27-02-2014 15 40 57Photo 27-02-2014 09 35 07Photo 27-02-2014 09 56 54

My initial inspiration came from the Barker & Ryder exhibition at the Baltic Newcastle. This exhibition was based on sculptural architecture. Taking these elements further I started to research for Autumn/Winter 2015/16, looking at diagonal lines mixed with smokey hues, neutral & pastel tones, fluidity and shifting tints creating my theme ‘Transcend into Fluid Movements’.

Working from my mood board and initial ideas I instantly became inspired by the concept of diagonal lines and movement, and wanting to translate this through my samples.

I used 100% cashmere yarn in weights 2/28Nm, 6/28Nm and 1/5.6Nm because the quality of the yarn would lend itself well to the movement I was trying to create within my fabrics. I wanted to combine techniques that would create diagonal lines as well as showing movement. These samples are produced using the standard domestic machine using variations of lifted stitched and I shave used the Shima Seiki machine in 8gg and 12gg using reversible jacquard and transferring and plating.

All the yarns for this project were donated by Todd & Duncan.


C. x


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