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How can knit structures when digitally printed alter the print design?


The aim for this project is to explore and develop digital printing on knit. This technique is normally only done on plain knit/jersey fabrics. I want to explore knitted structures and how they alter and change the print design through the surface texture of the structures. To develop this further I will be looking at how different fibres and machines can change the structure therefore also altering the print. I will be exploring various knitting techniques such as hand knitting and machine knitting to see what surface texture I can create. I will be using natural colours for the knit and the prints will be in black, greys and navy. The colour scheme will come from my inspirational research along with the DIY marble prints.

My inspiration for this project and the print work will come from the marbling trend. I will develop my own marble prints that will be taken onto printed samples. This trend lends itself to this project because of the movement and fluidity of the marble, I believe they will enhance the knitted structures and vice versa.

Through the exploration of marble designs I plan to develop my own prints through DIY marble printing to then take onto digital printing using Photoshop to manipulate and develop these into placement or repeat prints. Although these will be developed through Photoshop I want them to have a hand done feel, which I plan to achieve through DIY marble printing. Exploring digital prints on knit and how different structures can distort the print hopefully creating interesting surface textures.




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