Untitled-2 Untitled-4 Untitled-3 Untitled-1 I currently have just over a month until I go back to university and start my final year, which also means I’ve only got a month left at my internship at Trend Bible (which I love!). I’ve been thinking of ideas for my final year probably all summer and with still not having any kind of brief from my university it’s hard to know what to decide on so I thought I’d start to put together key images with colour schemes so when I get back to uni my research and colour themes are just about sorted. I’m trying my hardest to be organised through this busy summer!!! I’ve realised since being with Trend Bible for 3 months that the way I research and the images I am going towards aren’t what I normally pick, they aren’t major fashion images but I can see them all translating really interestingly into knit especially in terms of colour, texture and shapes. I’m starting to look forward to starting my own work again and getting into my final year, it’s a scary thing to think about but I know I’ve already learnt so much this summer and I’m definitely ready to put it into practice! I’m going to make a effort to update my blog more frequently so you’s can see what I’m doing any how my works progressing (and which theme I pick!). C. x


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