Final Year – Project 1


I am finally in my final year at university and it’s something I am happy and sad about! The stress of this year will be ridiculous, but I’m excited about the year and getting to work on more personal projects where I have more control over the theme/concept.

The first project I have started (that runs into another brief too) is a sketchbook project. I have full control over the theme which I am still currently fine tuning but I thought I’d share with you my first mood board. This is a very tonal project, which will involve a lot of mark making throughout the sketchbook. This will also develop in to a capsule collection project where I will produce knitted samples and the more I’m getting into this project the more excited I am about the next stage. This is only a 4 week sketchbook project so once I am at the final stage I will share how it has developed and what I have (hopefully)  achieved!

I put together a lot of my research and inspirational images over summer in between my internship at Trend Bible and part time job! This wasn’t developed from any trend, but it was a feeling I had and I was so inspired by the images I was coming across that I thought I had to use it. Of course, monochrome never really goes out of trend but I’m not going to just use black and white because of all the different tones that are in the imagery, I think I’ll be able to have quite a subtle colour palette with harsher tones coming through.

You can find all my inspiration images over on pinterest on this board:


C. x



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