Space Dyed

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Moving on from the last project and onto the next I decided to push forward a key element from the previous project into the innovation project. This key area was space dyeing and I felt like this was something I could develop even further.  The question for this project:

Can space dyeing create patterning through ribs knits?

By space dyeing hanks of yarn in different proportions, sections and colour variations can this create patterning in knit samples when knitted in ribs? Can the proportion of colour to undyed help control the patterning and therefore create interesting designs in the knit through just using space dyeing. As well as looking at what patterning I can achieve from space dyeing I am also looking at how different colour combinations and dyeing techniques of space dyeing can also achieve controlled uneven lines.

By controlling how I space dyed and knitting only on the 8 gauge and 12 gauge shima seiki machines in a 2×2 rib structure I managed to achieve patterning through my samples. I only used superfine wool, cashmere and merino for space dyeing so I only used high quality fibres.

Four weeks was not long enough for this project, there’s so much more I can develop and I hope to be able to do this next semester in my final project.


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